Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Week 9 - Intellectual Property Presentation

A presentation really well presented by the Oculus Project Group. A really complex topic to present, however a great discussion was brought up and followed through by the audience.


  • Strong introduction speaking with a really clear voice
  • Well-structured, Images relate well and headings are clear, appropriate amount of typography per slide 
  • Very precise information about Intellectual Property along with examples
  • Topic related to other groups, other projects and reflected back on specifics that affects them and gathered precise information
  • Discussion brought a lot of interesting questions
  • Minimal reading from notes, which shows they've understood the material
  • Everyone is well spoken and very clear
  • Made great effort in research to gain information by calling IP Australia and asking lecturers

  • Video may have had a voice-over, however it is still clear.
The overall presentation was well presented with a great lengthy discussion at the end that was stimulating and engaging at a intelligent level about different problems relating to Intellectual Property. It was so far the best presentation among other groups that had presented already.

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