Sunday, 3 May 2015

Integrating Light & Interactivity to Marker Project

On week 8 after last week group meeting, I've decided to not to proceed further with the designing phase of the 'marker' and change my approach of the marker in a different way to had more value to the project as I felt that we had placed bit more eggs in the same basket probably due to fact we didn't planned enough to show a clear direction of the project on who is what what on the project.

After looking at the groups work, I've come to a conclusion that whilst Annisa & Alex were formulating a concept for the marker from observation there was a common theme or I believe I can elevate the concept further by adding an additional concept layer of implementing lighting and interactivity.

Future discussions and meeting will be taken among my group during researching & formulating an intended system that would related to the design, aim, Blacktown international sports park and last but not least to increase collaboration and uniformity within the group. 

Still under development

  • New task for me: Implement lighting and interactivity for the marker design
  • How the project is progressing, how it evolved to the next step
  • What I am doing to add value to the project
  • Suggestions, ideas of interactivity and lighting that will enhance the design

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