Thursday, 21 May 2015

Week 11 - Remuneration

This weeks presentation was on "Remuneration", presented by Jordon and Hayley. It starting off well with a funny yet thoughtful scene from a movie and gotten my attention. Both Jordon and Hayley spoke well about the subject, both seemed to have a very solid understanding of the topic. 

From the presentation, I understand remuneration as salary/wage as well as any other benefits that the organisation might offer just to name a few:

  • Child Care Benefits
  • Annual Leave
  • Accommodation
  • Bonuses
  • Commission
  • Super
It was about understanding evaluating your self worth. How much you do you believe you should recieve a certain pay, benefits etc Does these remueration match up to what you can do, going to do and what you bring to the organisation 
  • Great introduction to the presentation, great use of informal YouTube clip to get the point across in a humorous approach.
  • Clearly presented, both members of the group were well informed and required minimal use of printed notes
  • Research and use of statistics relevant for us, comparisons of UNSW to different universities with the success of students finding jobs relevant to their degree after completing their degree.
  • Answered all questions very well, one student related the presentation back to an interview he had last week and the salary he was offered (which was below the minimum wage) and they gave very great advice on how to approach the contract and how to negotiate it.


  • The presentation lacked in depth view on the topic, perhaps use of scenarios, a guide to negotiate a package,
  • Didn't relate to their project or other projects

How does it relate to virtual museum?
This presentation didnt specifically state relevancy to our project however does relate at individual level in understanding how we can position ourselves with our potential earnings based on our experiences and education. 

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