Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Integrating Light & Interactivity Concept Grasshopper - Initial

Thought process
I've created a test model in rhino and grasshopper, its basic form of a line that represents the overall form of the marker design.

Nodes used Points and IntCrv
Grasshopper: Representation of a form
Green line represents a test-bed form
 Step 2.
Create a curve that emulates the boomerang flight path whilst spiraling along the test-bed form.

Grasshopper: Emulation Process
Pink Line: Boomerang Trajectory
Step 3.
Create curve that emulates the flight mechanics of a boomerang that is represent on the ends of the shape which is rotational.
Grasshopper: Tail 1 & Tail 2 Script
Blue lines: Boomerang Rotational Representation
Step 4.
Create Lighting Effect - Knight rider.

LED along the Tail curve line

The overall appearance of the led light structure on the test-bed form.

Different views and perspective
Perspective View
Overall Grasshopper Script

Download link below for Grasshopper Script:

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