Sunday, 3 May 2015

Week 8 - Communication Presentation - Studio


  • Communication timeline. Analog messages fire> written> birds> telephone > electric mails> mobile phone.
  • Cheney Model
  • Lack of using themselves as examples to form an opinion about communication

Pro & Cons
How technology played a part on communication

  • More accessible
  • convenient
  • shorten time & distance
  • Privacy Distractions
  • misused
  • Limitation of Values within the communication. eg tone expression
In terms of our project, there are a number of mediums we use to communicate between team members. This includes:

  • Skype
  • Mobilephone 
  • Facebook
  • Face to Face
All of which have their advantages and disadvantages however currently we tend to use Skype and Facebook than face to face due to the fact that everyone lives in different locations and have other commitments

Review & Thoughts 

  • The slides easy to read and clear along with illustrations
  • Good understand of the form of communication ie sender & listener. However it could been improved on if they implemented what they researched from their topic to really emphasise the importance of communication
  • Different mediums of media is used however the information was repeated after it was already explained.
  • Did they plan enough to communicate what was need to be done?

How does this affect Marker Project

In the time where Annisa and I went to China for 3 weeks, it was difficult to communicate with other team members and communication did lack lacking lately. Although the group members know the direction of the project, planning and communication can be improved to make this project more successful. 
Set dedicated days to Marker Project Group meet up face to face, discuss, share information gathered, progression of set tasks and communicate. 

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