Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Integrating Light & Interactivity Inspiration

Without having to initially looking at the marker design, I want to start looking for inspiration that will make the marker more unique and specified to the context of Blacktown, M7 and the sportspark. 

Here are some material and precedents that will insist to define, archive the aim and design considerations. Alex gave me a book called Bright 2, Architectural Illumination and Light Installations to inspire me.

Alex had set eyes on particular location where over pass bridge crosses over the m7 with the help of Nicole (tutor) that inspired him creating a movement over the bridge and believe this can be implemented as it is similarly relates to a bridge in addition it's interactivity with urban activity.

Light Bridge pg 201


Designer: Tjep
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client: Amsterdam Light Festival
Collaborators/consultant: Bruns, Ata Tech
Date: Nov 2014
  • Interactive intervention; meaning the illumination of the bulbs were linked to movement on the bridge itself, and below it on the water. 
  • Any movement detected by three motion sensors (two directed towards the road at the extremities and one directed toward the boats moving underneath) would trigger the bulbs.
  • 4 different animations, either triggered by the data from the sensors or used during 'sleeping modus' when there was no traffic.
  • A celebration to define urban activity with contemporary, illuminated colour scheme
'light bridge’
draws reference from the classic arches of a typical Amsterdam canal bridge
Scale model
LED installation on the form
Aspirations to marker project
  • Interactive intervention; 
represent movement
  • Motion sensors that would trigger the bulbs.
Car that pass by on the m7 activate interactively 
  • Different animations, either triggered by the data from the sensors or used during 'sleeping modus' when there was no traffic.
Formulate animations that represents blacktown/ return back to the sportspark, sense of direction, 

Twinkle Twinkle pg . 119

Designer: NE-AR, studioheyhey, lichtundsoehne and Glassbau Hahn
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Client: Luminale 2014
Collaborators/consultant: OSD
Date: Mar 2014


Aspirations to marker project 

Drawn in Light pg . 291

Designer: Ralf Westerhof
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client: Amsterdamn Light Festival
Collaborators/consultant: Het Knutselparadijs
Date: Dec 2013

Drawn in Light door Ralf Westerhof – Copyright Janus van den Eijnden (37)

Aspirations to marker project
  • Figures with minimal lines
Eye catching and distinguishable
  • Use of powered coated white, LED spotlights provided accurate illumination
Attention goes to the powered coated white making it very distinctive.
Suggestion: Movement can be represented by a figure/vectors can be seen depending on size however be accurate with linework
  • Constituent different layers
Structure of highlight object gives the viewer an extra perspective


Drawn in Light door Ralf Westerhof

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