Friday, 8 May 2015

Integrating Light & Interactivity Concept Research

Inspiration for form

Upon researching idea for coming up a concept for form of how light should take shape, I came across a pdf called "NUMERICAL CALCULATION ALGORITHM OF ATTITUDE AND MOVEMENT OF A BOOMERANG" that contain interesting diagrams and illustrations on the movement/ trajectory of a boomerang.

Figure 3: Airfoil in an air flux

Figure 9: Boomerang trajectories for different initial parameters
The Figure below is another analysis of a boomerang flight path however this one is the result of a company by ESTECO that developed a software 'modeFRONTIER' through research that helps design optimisation of the boomerang in numerical flight simulation and shape. 

Fig. 8 - Optimal boomerang configuration and trajectory
Continuing researching, I've googled inspiration through images and very interesting images has caught to my attention that will invigorate and framework a marker as well as how its luminescence and presence could on the like on m7.
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In Sydney cbd there has been an increase of projects has complete in a short amount of time particularly in Broadway and UTS which created a positive atmosphere and streets-cape with high density apartments along with University renovations. Below is an a fine example of using a static lighting that doesnt impose to much on the street yet makes a impression with its facade at UTS Facility of Engineering and Information Technology in Broadway.

UTS Facility of Engineering and Information Technology building in Broadway

Figure 3 & 9 from Numrtical Calculation Algorthm of Attitude and Movement of A Boomerang

Fig. 8 - Optimal boomerang configuration and trajector

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