Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mid-semester Break - Chongqing Presentation - MADLAB

In week two, Dr. Hausler (Hank) brought up an opportunity to partake in a COFA based overseas design workshop in Chongqing, China.

For the last three weeks, initially offered myself as a "go to guy" when it came to help others with their model visualisation, it later plans change later in the next week, I've collaborated with Jordon on his design that would reflect the needed outputs for the brief provided by Priestman Architects/ CQubed Studios. 


The high-rise shopping and office core area of Guanyingchao is best experienced in the evening when tens of thousands dance, promenade, dine and enjoy in an extraordinary flow of humanity. This dynamic of urban attractions and commercial activity is quickly spreading.

Jiu Jie – 9th Street

A building owner has under-performing retail and restaurant space with occupied residential towers above and adjacent. The location is poorly defined and the street is difficult to cross. The proposition is comprehensive adaptation as an entertainment district with bars, lounges, eateries, event venues, entrepreneurial hubs, public art, music, interactivities, public open space – and other functions that extend the general theme. The place will be for Chongqingers (mainly) with their own cultures, but who are changing and open to – often hungry for - new ideas and activities.

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