Friday, 24 April 2015

Week 7 Studio & Planning Presentation

Mobility byAndrew Butler: Cox Architecture
Guest Lecture

Moores Law - 'The times the are a changin' was emphasises during his lecture basically Andrew is saying that architectural companies are getting stagnate by using the same programs & methods of how they operate. 

An example how technology played a part in architecture where Aami Park Stadium designed by Cox was designed using autoCAD. The negative of using autoCAD was every change made would set them back significantly due to the limitations of autoCAD essentially a program that draws lines.

At the end of the lecture Andrew gave his advice of having a 'toolbox' as a designer by not being stagnate and focusing on one program and have the attitude to seek out the new, learn, increase your arsenal and willing to adapt changes or else be could left behind in this or any industry.

  • Visuals and structure of the presentation was clear, easy to read and pleasing whilst it had a lively theme. 
  • Use of flowcharts outlining steps were clear and easy to understand.
  • The use of animation/flash in the presentation the "zooming in and out" isn't the most appropriate as it could distract and/or lose the audience from the context of what is communicated 
  • A strong understanding of planning. Give examples by relating it to their own project ie. Gantt Chart of project outcomes, individual roles and schedule.
  • A video was included in the the presentation that they have made nicely done however it repeated what was said in the presentation.
  • Needed some examples of researched professional scenarios to add more credibility.
Other Presentation Aids
The use of video can help enhance the presentation as it has many benefits to communicate particular situations, ideas and change the presentation tone. When we use videos we need to consider a few things:

  • Does the video provide new information to the presentation
  • Is it clear? 
  • readability
  • Stays on topic
  • Simple 

Things to consider when planning
Some topics that the presentation didn't cover could i believe should been covered are but no limited to:

  • Consequences: planning to plan, not planning 
  • Past experiences on planning, 
  • Over planning
  • Not all things can go accordingly
  • Resistant to change
How can this related to Marker Project

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