Friday, 24 April 2015

Maker Design - Further Concept Discussion

Despite both Annisa and I misadventure for 3 weeks to Chongqing, China we did our best to communicate by any means via Facebook, email, gmail and whatsapp to our group to keep progress going for this project however it was proven slightly difficult with the infamous great firewall of China and an additional workload by the exchange program. 

After gathering a number of concepts and ideas for a potential marker design, we discussed and agreed to develop a concept using the researched ideas along with the sportspark logo as an inspiration 'returning' by formulating iterations forms

  • returning to the sportspark

  • iteration in the form of a boomerang - transforming the boomerang into something different
  • sense of direction, form that shows the direction of the sports park
  • Conveys movement
  • Anamorphic design - work on layers, focus on the attention of drivers along the m7

Design Consideration:
  • position/poses of athletes

Additional Design consideration Interactivity

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