Sunday, 29 March 2015

Marker Project Inital Ideas

Marker Project Initial Ideas/Concepts


Communication and planning will be key to keep tabs on the progress of the project via

  • Daily group meetings through Skype, 
  • Facebook, 
  • mobile phone and 
  • face-face on Wednesday after studio.
Data and information will be correlated online using Google Document to unify our project in one place and accessibility. After observing the site, the demographics and social values of the community, it was important to develop series of potential concepts which will enrich and enhance experience of Blacktown and Blacktown international sportspark. 


Exploring cutting edge design solutions for a marker that indicated the existence of the Blacktown International Sports Park from the M7 motorway.

The few concepts during this part of the design process were:
- Lightpoles

- Kenetic/ Responsive architecture
- Anamorphic Architecture Design
- Architectural QR scan

The Blacktown Sports park's logo is two boomerangs that symbolises the core business. It reflects the indigenous heritage of the city region. Also ‘boomerang is to return’, signifying the return of participants or commuters into the site.

Anamorphic Design

This approach will provoke the drivers' peripheral vision driving along the M7 and specific locations by series or fragments of designs long to indicate the presence of the sports park. Th or allowing drivers to see an indication that points to the direction of a sport park at a specific angle or view of the marker.

Examples of projection based Anamorphic Markers

Light Poles - Interactive lights

Through site visit, the tall light posts from the sports park played a major role in finding the way to the park. To mimic the tall lights, the idea of having motion senses was a possibility. Having a structure that would light up as cars move past on the M7.

- Kinetic/ Responsive architecture

Having a structure that would respond to the environment - maybe through sound or the reaction of wind. 

- Architectural QR scan on M7

This works by scanning a 2d image, the user would use a camera to take a picture of a 3D object, in turn bringing up information about what was scanned.

In terms of the marker project, a monument can be made a long side the M7, where passengers can take a photo of the monument for directions to the sports park. This picture will be scanned via a third party app. The monument can also be designed to somewhat indicate the driver to take the next exit for the sports park.

- Reflective Manipulation

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