Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 3 - Studio

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin characteristic can be summed up as very bold, strange & provoking artist as goes with his lecturer. His lecturer & presentation show his perspective on mobility, artworks that is considered 'shocking' and many of his past works such as the exoskeleton car, monument of nomadism, Denhaag parasite. 

In his presentation he talks and questions about what if life on earth is going to be life if we run out of things or some sort of chaos is brought on earth and sea level raises which then leads to recycling, reuse, the recreation of common objects to be restructured by his vision, this was mainly shown in his exhibition artworks and public installations. 

When he approached on his idea of mobility involving architecture it was evident there is an emphasis on adding on the existing rather than rebuild. He explicitly believes that the new architecture built around existing architecture is like a 'scab', to his reason reinventing the wheel when it is still a wheel with a cover on it. 

Reflecting on his lecture, architecture should be evolved over time, preserved rather than be destroyed & rebuilt. In first and second world countries, the attitude and mentality of the people lives in a consumer world where having the latest 'thing' is a way to stand out or fit into from society. 

Fraying Ground
Presentation included information about our client, their interests, fast and figures, M7, our observation through site visit, council regulation and design consideration

Overall we got strong feedback from Russell, Nicole & our peers of a solid 7. With a 20 minute time limit for a presentation, there were a lot of information to show, despite highlighting important information we still went overtime however we believe we maintained interest among our peers. 

After listening to our feedback we can improve on it by including more information.

Marker ProjectNext Step

  • returning to the sportspark

  • iteration in the form of a boomerang - transforming the boomerang into something different
  • sense of direction, form that shows the direction of the sports park
  • different markers to show different viewpoint
  • Anamorphic design - work on layers, focus on the attention of drivers along the m7 (series of iterations of design along the m7 to indicate the lead up of the sports park)

design consideration:
  • interaction of lights
    • consider the impact on both day and night
  • position/poses of athletes

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