Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Week 3 - Back Brief

Plan- Establish strong communication between members
- Understand the wants and needs through research about the client and their desirable  

  • Who: Blacktown City Council
  • Where: Blacktown Sports Stadium
  • Desirable: Marker

- Carry out site analysis 
- Scope potential locations for a marker
- Take consideration of constraints and legislative statements in relation to the highway and site 
- Find precedents of definition, what are the required characteristic of a marker.

Site Visit

Having all the group members on the site will provide a greater understanding of the site by placing ourselves in the situation of why this is called the marker project. As each member approached the site from varies directions to the site,  I traveled from the south driving up from the M7Alex traveled from the north driving down from the M2 to M7,  Annisa and Jeremy traveled from the East on the M4. After we met up at the sport stadium carpark, we carpooled and did another round of driving whist discussing about our observation, issues, discoveries about the site and possible design solutions.

After the site visit we further researched and discussed about;
  • the possible location of where the marker can be placed
  • how we should approach this issue
  • such as what can be maximum height 
  • how close can the marker be 
  • will more than marker be used ie different designs or same design

The major issue about this site is with the exits of the M7. Not only the exits are not adjacent to the Sportspark, it is also not located any where near Sportpark hence having to make what seems 7 minutes "detour" to get there. In addition the current way finding are at the lights of the sports park and a sign that is next to the traffic light to allow drivers to locate the sportspark.

Research for back brief
  • Definition of a "Marker"
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Traffic directions
  • Purpose of sports stadium: favourable sports held there
  • Precedents
  • Monuments
  • Architecture
  • Know function and purpose
  • Community engagement
  • Possible interaction, responsive proposal
  • Construct ability 
  • Possible boundaries to exceed
- Curating/address brief in design
- Understanding of the brief
- What defines a marker
- Information about rules & regulations etc
- Direction of the design
- Express Core design - expand network of ideas

Communication along memebers

Facebook, mobile phones, google docs and face-face

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