Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Interactivity - 3DS Max Animating Light + Animation

Step 1.
Get required models for rendering in 3ds
  • Design from GH, Bake then export as 3ds file
  • Site model, Bridge, roads etc

Import into 3ds max.

Step 3. Add material to the model.
  •   Material Editor > Arch & Design Material > multi/sub-object rollout
  • Set desired number: 2, > click none under sub-material for one of the material > material: anodized aluminu. Repeat for other material this time Autodesk generic
  • Click autodesk generic > self illumination > enable > desired setting

Step 3. Select desired Object and Assign meterial
Modifier list > Editable Mesh > Mesh Select > Material

This will allow you to alternate the object's appearance between the two materials you created. In this case anodized aluminu or illuminated glow

Step 4
Test Images to see if there is between frames.
I've displayed from at intervals of 5.
Frame 1 
Frame 5

Frame 10

Frame 15

Frame 20

Download the Full range of Images for testing.

Final result
250 Frames

Comments and Thoughts
It was a very long process to animate this scene to achieve the lighting effect as for each key frames materials had to be switched to either material id 1 or 2. 1 being light off and 2 being illuminating. It took approximately 24hrs. 
Its very manual and will seek way to render this scene more intelligently however the result was nice. 

Download 3ds max file:

Download Animation Video:

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